Berg go kart. Pedal Go

These off-road tyres give less rolling resistance, making pedalling lighter and go-karting much smoother.

we offer.

A safe solution! The difference with the normal BFR model is that the seat is adjustable in 8 positions instead of 6.

Is it a go-kart you can around in as fast as you can? This means that you will also be able to go faster.

The windows of the cover can be rolled up to give you more visibility, so you can check that your things in the trailer are fine.

The same goes for the E-BFR as for the E-BFR-3: the harder you pedal, the more support the E-Motor provides.

The E-BFR frame provides pedal support by means of a 250W E-Motor.

Do you know which platform is best in terms of size? The harder you pedal, the more assistance you will get from the motor.

With the E-BFR-3 gearing, getting going is even faster and climbing hills is even easier.

The seat has three positions enabling you to reach the pedals at all times.

So no need to panic if it suddenly starts to rain! The , and are also available in different versions for boys and girls.

BFR stands for: Break, Freewheel and Reverse.

For the off-road go-karts, special accessories are available, such as a roll-bar or a passenger seat.

There are 4 different levels of assistance: ECO, TOUR, SPORT and TURBO.

It means you can get into the ideal position in the go-kart so that you can enjoy tearing around without any worries.

The BERG Off-road are suitable for children from the age of 5, but also for adults, due to the different seat positions.

There are many go-karts to choose from for both boys and girls.

No tipping point occurs, so tipping over is virtually impossible.