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Lift gate delivery is included where available for crate sizes up to 92". In certain conditions, in areas where fumes are prohibited, an electric sauna heater is the perfect solution. Different inside configuration possible changing room, porch, etc. Note: electric Harvia heaters require a 3-phase, 380V connection. The traditional barrel design takes up less floor space and, due to its cylinder shape, has a smaller internal volume which translates to quicker heating time. Diese Bauweise ist besonders stabil und langlebig.
Harvia M3 model has the traditional design with the log hatch accessible inside the outdoor sauna, whereas Harvia M3 SL has a log hatch accessible from the outside. Usually equipped with an electric or wood-fired heaters• Wood type: spruce, larch or thermo wood• Peaked cedar shake roof, peak height 102" Barrels - Clear or Knotty Cedar The barrel sauna concept is the ideal outdoor sauna. Usually equipped with a wood-fired heater• The Saaku CP models have the control built in the front base. Wir empfehlen Ihnen zum Beispiel ein anzulegen. Kits are installed permanently into a home or club during renovation or new construction. A small and cozy changing room in front of the outdoor sauna room is a recommended addition to any garden sauna. The standard heater is the with a control built into the front base of the heater Heater options available• With Pre-Fab saunas there is no additional framing or insulation. with Full Length, light bronze, single pane tempered window.