Klimaanlage baby. 4 Ways to Cool Yourself in a Car Without Air Conditioning

No problem! If you have an attic fan, open the windows and turn it on so it pulls the hot air up and out of your home.

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If you can't find shade, create your own by placing sun shields on any windows that are exposed to sunlight.

Turn on a cold tap and hold your wrists under the water for a minute.

Yikes! While you may want to invest in a few fans, you can try most of these tips without spending any money.

X Research source• Bumper-to-bumper traffic means your car is hardly moving, and if your windows are open, there's barely any air coming in or out.

Keep in mind that this might be less effective than using a glass or metal bowl.

This draws hot air out of your room instead of just circulating it.

Rush hour is one of the worst times for traffic.