Sipa compact. Air

Extremely quick mold changeover 1 minute per cavity Main features of extruder unit:• Injection mold opening stroke can be regulated on real preform length to optimize cycle time and energy consumptions. Decrease RPM and temperature of the barrel with same throughput• The use of single cavity dosimeter allows the simultaneous production of 2 different preforms• They have features that enable quick change-overs between different product configurations, and they are also characterized by their compact layouts and high energy efficiency. A terrific board for all beginners! Large tie-bar spacing also enables production of containers up to 12. Diese finden Sie im Dokument im DATEV Hilfe-Center. The company analyzed the various procedures that the operator needed to go through to set up the machine and created a set of shortcuts to simplify those procedures. SIPA hot runner and cold half design• Small hydraulic oil tank 220 L.