Annabell museum. Annabelle Missing? The Real Doll Has Not Escaped From Warren Museum

At first, it appeared to be an ordinary ragged doll, and they placed it in a sitting position on the sofa in their living room.

" Commenting on publicity for the Warrens' occult museum coinciding with the film release of The Conjuring, science writer said that many of the myths and legends surrounding the Warrens have "seemingly been of their own doing" and that many people may have difficulty "separating the Warrens from their Hollywood portrayal".

She may look harmless, but interacting with the real-life Annabelle comes with some truly terrifying results.



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The rumours appear to have started in China, and that is likely because of how an interview with actress Annabelle Wallis by the Hollywood Reporter had been transcribed into Mandarin Wallis had starred in one of the Annabelle movies.