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moves in your two classes. Blessed water placed in a flask, or other breakable container, can be used as a weapon with the thrown tag against undead, and possibly other supernatural creatures. They may only remove one debility at a time in this way. He studied math, computer science, and economics at the University of Maryland before moving on to his PhD in economics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he became focused on models that address deviations from the classic assumptions of microeconomics, and behavioral economics more generally. Curse ONGOING see text Choose a specific monster known to you, whose existence is displeasing in the eyes of your deity, and bring down a curse upon them. Should the caster ever fail a roll to cast such a spell, or if he achieves a partial success while having all three physical debilities, then the crown snuffs out his life. Improved Weapon Choose two extra enhancements for your signature weapon The justification for the last one is that an extra enhancement is roughly equal in value to a 1 damage increase, which is again, strictly inferior to Merciless. 6- Your summoning circle is botched, and provides no aid. This spell immediately ends if you take offensive action against any creature, or aid in the offensive action of others.

Mass Healing 5 or 7 All living creatures, allies and monsters, in your presence are healed for 2d8 damage.

Author Posted on Categories Tags Search for: Search Categories• Fire Shield ONGOING A shield of divine flame envelops you.

True Resurrection 9 As Resurrection, but the corpse is not needed, and there are no limitations to how long the creature has been dead.

When you have some uninterrupted time, you may use the chalk to create a summoning circle.

Spell Shield 5 or 7 ONGOING Beseech your deity for protection from one specific magic; as long as you maintain the spell, you and all allies within reach of your hand cannot be harmed by that magic.

It may also help guide you when you are lost.

You may not cast this spell while you have the weak debility.