Ratched cast. 'Ratched' Star Sophie Okonedo on Her Emmy

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Ratched and Gwendolyn appeal to the governor for mercy, to no avail Teo Briones as Peter, a boy who is lobotomized by Dr
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Hanover develops a new therapy that involves immersing patients in excessively hot water techradar
Since then, the name Ratched has become shorthand for a kind of villainous gorgon—and the character's been reprised in Broadway shows and on network TV Retrieved September 19, 2020
Dr Richard Hanover - Jon Jon Briones Who is Richard: The head of the hospital, who has an interest in grisly experiments on the human brain 73 m Cynthia Nixon : Gwendolyn Briggs Cynthia Nixon was born in New York City on April 9, 1966, to Anne Elizabeth Knoll, an actress, and Walter E
Ratched visits Father Andrews, a survivor and a witness of Edmund's murders, and convinces him to interview with Dr techradar
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season 1• js'; otCcpaIabScript Ratched meets with Osgood and agrees to kill Hanover
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