Baby namen 2021. The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2021 So Far

"I believe that parents want to infuse strength into their children during these difficult times," Moss said in a release. Nameberry's top boy names are updated monthly to give you an almost real-time look at the names that are most popular among our visitors. Azami• These baby names are experiencing the sharpest rise. Everly• Gabriella• Jahari• Rosalie• Fallon• Coraline• Oaklyn• Penelope• Valentina• Zelda• Salem• Mackenzie• Genevieve• Victoria• Jazlyn• Isla• If short names are in, it makes sense that longer names may be going out. Akuma• Kara• Carolina• Braelyn• Nathalie• Berkley• Anna• Magic word names cast a different sort of spell, inspiring bearers to live up to the meanings of their names.