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The same regulations apply to all assistants employed at JLU: While working at your workplace you need to strictly observe all hygiene measures.

in a notebook case or briefcase.

It is considered a failed attempt if you do not appear at the examination date without having initially signed off.


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Do not provide any name, but indicate the place and time of the possible contact and point out that the public health department will determine how to proceed.

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You can find detailed information.

You can apply for a temporary reading pass at the University Library UB.

Thesis defences and habilitation procedures can take place in the following rooms: 1.

Under certain conditions, employees must also be offered an occupational health check-up as a special examination. Denn zuerst werden die Mitarbeiter der Covid-19-Schwerpunktkliniken sowie die Bewohner und Mitarbeiter von Alten- und Pflegeheimen durch mobile Impfteams geimpft. tig-gmbh. The JustOS online shop is available to all employees within the JLU network. . 30 p. Dort kennt man die genauen Bus- und Bahnverbindungen und kann Ihnen eine Verbindung bis zu Ihrem Wohnort erarbeiten. The provided grant is non-repayable. 30 p. In the meantime, you can apply for a temporary library card at the University Library UB , which can also be used in the departmental libraries.

Students who are deeply in need for help due to the corona pandemic can now apply for financial at the student services Studenten- bzw.

Third parties including family members must not gain access to the official documents while you work from home with them.

Bitten zur Aufnahme auf die Warteliste per Mail an: impfrat werra-meissner-kreis.

Handrails and door handles are cleaned with suitable disinfectant.

Kontaktpersonen von Schwangeren• Does JLU cover the costs of a corona test? uni-giessen.

When closing deals of all kinds in particular room rental contracts, catering, bookings of hotels or flights, etc.

until 6 p.

Thesis defences may take place as a telephone, a video conference or as a mix between face-to-face and video conference see also point 1.

a not passed attempt nicht bestanden , after 12 March 2020 will be counted once as an open attempt and will not be counted towards the number of possible examination attempts.