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Get medical attention for them immediately if they do not feel better.

She bristles at the idea that power grid operators are urging older adults to push their home temperatures way up, saying that request should be targeted at a younger population.

Make sure there are plenty of ways volunteers can refill water bottles or access water if they do not have a bottle with them.

" Cindy Bagwell, 62, lives in Dallas, where the temperature has been over 100 this week.

"At night, the open windows in the front and back of your home create a cross breeze to circulate air throughout your home to cool it down," she advises.

As people age, the ability to sense thirst wanes, so drink liquids often in hot weather, Maddow says.

This is a great way to stay hydrated but also gives us a sweet, motivational treat to finish the day strong.

All-in-1 air cooler This is perfect for family use and can either be placed in the living room or bedrooms.

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