Plusquamperfekt deutsch. Past Perfect in German

How do you form the tense "Plusquamperfekt"? both events happened in the past• both events happened in the past• The main verb is transformed into the "Partizip II". Hatte Margot den Herd schon ausgemacht? Wir waren noch nie im Theater gewesen. [gehen] 8. past tense - We really wanted to see the show. Wir wollten uns unbedingt die Vorstellung ansehen. Many strong and mixed verbs change their word stems in the past participle. Verbs :Das Plusquamperfekt The past perfect tense serves the same general purpose in German as it does in English: to link two events that happened in the past. Then he met up with his friends. Remember to use the correct tense in each half of the new sentence. " why or "Wie? Ich habe fuer fuenf stunden eingekauft — I shopped for five hours.

past tense - After you had promised to go, you had to go dancing.

Wir waren davor noch nie im Theater gewesen.

Example: verstehen — verstanden to understand — understood• The only difference lies in the conjugation of the auxiliary verb.

simple past or present perfect tense This sentence could easily be written in the reverse order i.

Ich bin immer im Zweifel mit dit diesen Formen.

, the latest event first, followed by the earlier event as long as the earlier event is described using the past perfect tense.

Hint: watch out for the event that must have happened first! Wir einen Hund und eine Katze.

[essen] 5.