Baywatch nights. Baywatch Nights Complete Series

That might sound like some of the stupidest dialogue in the history of the universe but put some lonesome blues guitar behind it and set it at sunset and BOOM you have television magic of the cheesiest sort.

I, that is, if anything in this delightful bit of Uber-camp can be deemed straight-faced.


41 19 "The Eighth Seal" Jon Cassar Donald R.


37 15 "The Mobius" E.

Then Hasselhoff starts in with folksy narration perversely heavy on baseball metaphors and chuckling ostentatiously at his own words.

Format: Full Screen• Bonann David Hasselhoff Maurice Hurley Douglas Schwartz Producers John F.

I respect you too goddamn much to do something like that.

story by 3 episodes, 1995.

created by 44 episodes, 1995-1997.

Hasselhoff would receive the best reviews of his career for the light touch he brings to this boldly stupid new vision of life for iconic lifeguard Mitch Buchannon, a winking self-awareness that suggests he knows just ridiculous everything around him is and is having a goddamn blast.