Twisted fate counter. Twisted Fate vs Darius Counter Build

You can poke him when he goes for a blue card because he is going to cs. You can punish him whenever these things are not present. This champ matchup is somewhat common. Don't walk too close to your minions when he has a red card up. You need to look for picks and roam throughout laning phase.

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Sadly, rooting him won't stop his ultimate but will stop Teleport if he has it.

At the worst it becomes a farm lane and try to follow his roams.

He'll sit back and red card the wave and Q - hard pressure him if he ever pulls a card aside from gold if you can.

When he pulls out the gold card his jungler should be near by and both are looking to kill you.

Ask for ganks if he shoves you in because he has no mobility.

It is one of the most standard decks as it revolves pretty much purely about unit combat and the hardest thing probably is finding good ways to make the most out of playing Rally and finding the right spots to do so.

I actually wait for him to use his card then go on him lvl 1 with E since he has no way of fighting me back except with autos.

The Box and Avalanche punish development from Twisted Fate Fizz, they always have to be afraid of those.

If he uses w on the wave or something else then just go on him and kill him.

This deck has many copies of each of these cards which allows you to clear multiple boards and eventually run them out of resources or at least stall long enough to execute the combo.

The only threats he has are ganks and roaming.

Except for that he is quite abusable in lane, if you just wait out his card pick and harass him as much as you want, when he doesn't have it, because if he gets yellow card while his jungler is around, you might be in a huge problem.