Jan marsalek. Jan Marsalek

Then-FSB chief and current Russian President Vladimir Putin the Special Operations Center in 1998 as a domestic and international counterterrorism outfit LHG has previously publicly claimed that LCC is backed by 15 investors from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
A Libyan cement factory turned Russian barracks Emboldened by its successes in Syria, Russia has significantly ramped up its involvement in Libya in recent years A letter that was attached to emails between a Mexican intermediary and Hacking Team
That was apparent in 2018, when Mr Marsalek turned up on Wirecard business in London with a highly unusual dossier, which he disclosed to traders and speculators, in an apparent attempt to compromise or impress them If this were to happen, this would indicate a direct collaboration between Jan Marsalek and the FSB — which would, ironically, arguably be an even more newsworthy story than locating Marsalek in Belarus
the geo-economics of it are as important [as the military influence] 9 billion on the balance sheet was spurious—a revelation certain to set off a cataclysmic chain reaction
Never before had a company listed on the DAX gone bust A third explanation for the monitoring may be preexisting collaboration between him and a competing security agency — such as the GRU — the international activities of which the FSB may have been interested in monitoring
Months earlier, through contacts he had made at the Austrian-Russian Friendship Society — an organisation backed by the Russian government to promote networking between senior policymakers in the two countries — Mr Marsalek had recruited a small group of Austrian security and international development experts for such a project 9 billion it claimed to hold there
And a playground for spies We have previously seen global monitoring of foreigners in this database only in one other case — that of a financial backer of the UK Brexit referendum in 2016
5 billion Among the questions is whether Wirecard had ever been legitimate—or if it was built on criminal intent from the start
Media Services• Industry Products• According to five separate sources, in Austria, Germany, Libya and Russia, Mr Marsalek claimed to be one of the new owners of LCC, however Media Services• For many of those that dealt with him, even closely, his motives remain unclear

Every time new allegations of accounting irregularities surfaced, Wirecard pushed back with rosy forecasts and a clean bill of health from auditors, winning more time to stave off failure.

According to local social media reports, soldiers at the LCC plant frequently left the facility and appeared to be engaged in more than just ordnance disposal.

But a few weeks later, it became clear something much bigger was afoot as Wirecard tumbled into insolvency and Marsalek went missing in one of ever.

LCC is publicly described as a company owned by the London-based Libya Holdings Group.

During August 2020, the issued a for Marsalek, which is a request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and arrest him, pending extradition.

What has been hard to understand, one intelligence official stressed, is the degree to which Mr Marsalek was aware of who he was becoming entangled with, or whether his often maladroit actions were instead driven by a deluded sense of adventurism.

He changed three different private jets during this wind-whirl of a trip.