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Random House. " When asked by whether she'd ever consider a career in politics, Carol replied, "No—one is enough in the family. She doesn't know I'm here, so she won't notice. Although it was a difficult task, the British armed forces were able to take back the Falklands in a few short months and on June 14, 1982 the Islands were once again under British control. I wasn't going to apologise. She also gave Margaret, then 13, a firsthand account of Nazism that affected the future PM deeply. " Tim Graham Getty Images Despite winning the reality show, her burgeoning TV career came to an abrupt end in 2009 when she made racist remarks about a tennis player on BBC's The One Show , per. She married Denis Thatcher in 1951. They were extraordinarily close and he would never sell anything of hers.

She served as president of the Oxford University Conservative Association.

has argued that was kinder to the royal family than it needed to be.

Her economic and social policies evolved into a political philosophy known as Thatcherism.

Another aspect of the Thatcher story that inspires admiration is her rise from ordinary origins.

When his father died in 2013, The same article said that he was spending a good deal of time in Marbella, Spain, and Barbados.

She managed this for the length of her term, standing her ground in a miner's strike.

While at Le Mans, Tatler noted that Thatcher was approached with the opportunity to participate in what was then called the Paris-Dakar rally, another well-known race that went from France to Senegal.

As this happened just after the Conservatives won the , Aitken's breaking up with Thatcher is alleged to have been the reason for his being bypassed for a ministerial career; Thatcher's mother, the Prime Minister at the time, reportedly told cabinet colleagues that she was "damned" if she was going to give a job to a man "who had made Carol cry".