After eight gin tonic. After Eight med gin & tonic: Chokoladen vi ikke vidste, vi manglede...

After Eight.

Over the years, there have been several memorable advertising campaigns including, perhaps the most iconic, 'Dinner Party' campaign in 1999 featuring Stephen Fry, Niomi Campbell and Marilyn Monroe.

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So, what do you think? Rowntree's therefore decided to develop a wafer thin mint, and After Eight was born.

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Nestle are releasing a limited edition version of their popular chocolate covered thin mints, but this time around with the added flavour of yes… You should always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on the website
Eller sagt med andre ord: Et stykke af vores yndlingschokolade med vores yndlingssjus i you guessed it — Gin and Tonic! Today, from the heart of Co
The wafer thin chocolate pieces will feature a gin and tonic-flavoured mint fondant enrobed in rich dark chocolate Here, the Fresa gin and tonic is a colorful mess of basil, mint, strawberry, and lemon with Zephyr gin, green tea, and elderflower tonic
After Eight has been at the heart of the British nation since 1962 when it was launched in order to tap into a gap in the market for Rowntree's for After Dinner chocolate mints Join Thousands Of Chocolate Lovers
It's "the first ever nationwide flavour launch from the much-loved mint" claims And honestly, it sounds delicious
Gross or genius? For twice the fun, add a Campari floater for a couple of bucks more In my opinion a tasteless fondant with not a hint of Gin, Tonic or Mint all wrapped up in a waxy cheap chocolate
Insider tip: As the sister restaurant to BCN in Montrose, the cocktail menu also features the famed BCN gin and tonic Og H-E-L-D-I-G-V-I-S er den nye After Eight netop kommet til landet