Pascuali wolle. Ravelry: Pascuali Alpaca Fino (Babyalpaka)

Simply place it on a terry towel and carefully roll it up Unfortunately, wet cashmere takes days to dry, so you need to be patient
In the winter it will keep you warm and insulated, yet it will ensure you stay cool in the summer
All our products are characterised by their high quality and meet the specific needs of our customers Honduras• For example, by having herdsmen raise their goats in farms where the goats are still free to move and eat the grass that is grown for that purpose
This blend produces a fine yet strong yarn that is shiny, silky smooth and exceptionally soft Beste Garne, beispielsweise aus Alpaka, Kaschmir, Yak oder Vikunja sind das Resultat unserer Arbeit
It's a perfect choice for wraps, scarves and shawls United States Minor Outlying Islands• Once it has been spun, it is dyed also in Italy by a company with years of experience in handling cashmere wool using the best equipment
Die Alpaca Faser hat keine negativen Eigenschaften Only the young white alpacas have this fineness
The fibre is handled with the strictest Swiss quality control guaranteeing the best stability, fineness and sustainability
Greenland• Our Maize yarn with its light antibacterial properties is ideally suitable for babies and Denmark• Bitte auf gar keinen Fall in der Maschine waschen
It is cosy, warm, super lightweight and soft to the skin Czech Republic• You can also dry it on the foam hangers, but in no way close to the heat source
Sweaters, cardigans and handwarmers are perfect projects to knit with this fancy yarn Read more about wool care in our blogpost HERE
Canada• Known for its long lasting comfort, incredibly soft appearance and light weight, cashmere has become synonymous with luxury. Atlantis is perfect for textured patterns and plain stockinette stitch alike. Cashmere is soft and as you knit with it, the yarn blooms. 5 microns. plentymarkets. Here we explain step by step what you have to pay attention to. Balayage ist die neueste Garnkreation aus dem Hause Pascuali, die gemeinsam mit der bekannten Designerin Melanie Berg alias Mairlynd, entwickelt wurde. Austria• When cared for correctly, a cashmere item will last a lifetime! Cashmere, a pretty fancy fibre! It does not split when knitting and has a soft fleece, and nearly lint-free.