Netflix the crown staffel 4. The Crown series 4 review: Gillian Anderson isn’t mimicking Thatcher

In April 2019, was cast as for the fourth season.

In a transition sequence, Margaret Thatcher arrives at Buckingham Palace to discuss the Falkland Islands conflict with Argentina.

And so Her Majesty invites each of them to lunch, hoping one will impress her more than the others.

As Charles grieves, the Troubles are reduced to footage of angry Irish people in the streets shouting and chucking bricks which oddly echoes the portrayal of the conflict in the right-wing British media at the time.

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— list of episodes at• Once their fast-tracked relationship is announced, Diana is hunted by paparazzi and relocated, for privacy purposes, to the palace without any support system.

Events depicted include the , their 1983 tour of and , the , 's break-in at Buckingham Palace, 's funeral, the Princess of Wales's appearance at the Barnardo's Champion Children Awards, and Thatcher's departure from office.