Aktie mynaric. Mynaric Releases Next Generation Ultra

Retrieved 7 April 2018. Communications• The CONDOR Mk3 will expand the company's current product portfolio by providing a mass-manufacturable, smaller, lighter and low-power option, which has evolved in response to feedback that customers and the industry have given to the new product's SDA-compliant Mk2 predecessor. "We are incredibly proud to have already secured a lead customer before even having officially launched our next generation CONDOR terminal, today," said , Chief Commercial Officer of Mynaric. Retrieved 10 April 2018. " Using best-in-class design, the CONDOR Mk3 realized significant size, weight, power and performance advantages over its product predecessors, including:• Innovation Origins in German. 19 EQS Group 13. 5 million funding from the lead investor of an undisclosed satellite constellation.
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