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He attempted to become Prince and with the help of the East Frisian scholar and 15,000 guiders he succeeded in this goal in 1654. He is one of the popular actors in the world of cinema. 2007: TV series, episode On a Thin Line• Jahrhunderts. in the English• 2 1997 , Bd. 2012:• Enno Hesse has had his main residence in since 2018. Quickly after this he tried and executed the favourite and lover of his mother, the Johann von Marenholz.
From 1995, Hesse starred in television productions and feature films, including , and By and for people like you and me! He is from Germany
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2005:• 2017:• Interview in , p Ancestors [ ] Ancestors of Enno Louis, Prince of East Frisia 16
2003, 2007: TV series, various roles, 2 episodes• 2009: TV series, episode geniuses among themselves• 2007:• He is a member of famous Actor with the age 39 years old group 2008, 2011: TV series, various roles, 2 episodes• 1999: TV series, episode spring tide• Awards• 2002: TV series, episode• Life [ ] Enno Louis grew up in the , and and had an expensive education
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