Haaland verletzung. Verletzungshistorie: Erling Haaland

Schalke look up for the fight.


Starting debutant Malick Thiaw also crunched in on Gio Reyna as the visitors retreated back to their penalty area and defended doggedly.

Lack of clarity over fans After Dortmund tweeted that 300 fans will be attending the derby game, the club's website now states they are "hopeful" to have that number attending.

By the time Hummels' header hit the back of the net, he'd already left.

It was a very good performance from us.

BVB vs.

Wohl kaum.

A goal in the derby is something I've been missing.

sauerlandkurier. This is a derby and so points in this game are big. He is also fortunate to avoid a yellow, but Felix Zwayer says that evens the score for Thiaw's tackle just minutes ago. First player in Bundesliga history to score five goals in his first two games. net.