Days gone review. Days Gone PC Review: This Is The Version To Play

Ammunition, especially early on, is fairly limited. kotaku. The cutscenes are well shot and plentiful, but the story that unfolds is hurt by the long stretches of tedium in between the pivotal moments. . 1 of 1 users found the following review helpful• John. The only result is getting some trust and credits with one of the camps--I chose Copeland simply because I wanted money for a better fuel tank.

It puts these notions in the mouths of characters who argue with Deacon, a drifter for whom getting by is the only thing that matters.

I burned every single Freaker nest; I cleared every ambush camp; I maxed out my bike; I took out a few optional hordes just because.

The easiest place to look for this is in the motorcycle that you, as Deacon, spend the game using.

The zombie apocalypse is well-trodden territory and the open-world spin of Days Gone can only differentiate it so much.

- Clips of game physics shining and glitching• Around 10 hours into , you're thrown into a hunting tutorial apropos of nothing.

Good views.

I mean that's highly subjective.

- Suggestions• Getting anywhere, including by fast travel, requires your bike, and if you want to save while out in the world, you better be right next to it.

On the other hand, there are times where Days Gone seems to be barely holding it together, with frequent bugs that run the gamut from amusing to frustrating.


Yet, most people will probably remember it as the open world zombie game that didn't bring much mechanically to the table.

You clear ambush camps by killing everyone present and eliminate Freaker infestation zones by burning all their nests.

Instead, it focuses on lackluster combat and a repetitive set of missions.

Days Gone originally launched in 2019 as a then-PS4 exclusive that had a relatively solid story following biker Deacon St.

the worse case - the same happens when you've just caught an eye of about a hundred of freakers in the middle of a road.