Haariges ei wow. WoW Shadowlands: BrĂ¼tet euren eigenen Nekrorochen aus!

Comment by bomberbomberSo i open 3 of these now.


9, 38.

So it could seems like: 1.

Your reputation with Thunder Bluff has increased.


gibts bei den Koordinaten 55.

However, if it is like or , then there might be some pets as part of the loot pool in addition to the mounts, or even some as dud loot.

Der fungiert dann als Flugmount.

Go there and slay a few Cloud Serpents and you're done.

Note that these eggs are flagged as Unique, but if you open a Calling box when you already have an egg in your inventory, and manage to get a second egg, it'll be sent in the mail by the Postmaster, so no need to hold on boxes until your first egg hatches.

Vielleicht ist auch das neue Action-MMORPG Magic Legends etwas euch? It's a pull it and walk away kind of tentacle.

I accept the quests and only go and do anima quests or whatever.


I grabbed the egg and waitied around for it to respawn but it never did for like 15 minutes.