Herbst fotos. Dercum's Disease

2001 Familial occurrence of adiposis dolorosa See more
Obesity is common in DD with some describing rapid weight gain 6 4, 157-162; quiz 163-1644
Am Fam Physician 24, 155-157 4 Comparing rates of diabetes by BMI, the percent of individuals in our survey with diabetes in the lowest and highest BMI groups was greater than that of published data from NHANES 10 suggesting that growths in DD might confer insulin resistance even in the absence of obesity
1981 Dercum's disease: adiposis dolorosa , Louis, D
2005 National Diabetes Fact Sheet Gregg, E
1 pp Twenty-nine respondents 26
J Am Acad Dermatol 44, 132-136 8. Dercum, F. The etiology of DD is unknown, although metabolic or autoimmune components have been proposed 2, 5. , Cowie, C. , and Tomlinson, I. , Hirano, M.
, and Macotela-Ruiz, E. , Cadwell, B. , Cheng, Y. 1973 Autosomal dominant inheritance in adiposis dolorosa Dercum's disease. The fatty growths can occur anywhere in subcutaneous fat from scalp to plantar surface of the foot, are unencapsulated, soft, sometimes occurring as small nodules, and other times are difficult to remove in entirety because of their expansive growth 2. 2007 Adiposis Dolorosa is More than Painful Fat. 140-150. 0-29. The Endocrinologist 17, 326-344 3.