Eqs mercedes. First Look Review: 2022 EQS 580 4MATIC by Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz We're used to the silent qualities of the latest generation of electric cars, but the EQS takes things to a whole new level, proving wonderfully relaxing whether threading through traffic around town or at higher speeds out on the open road.

The EQS's aluminum-intensive platform supports two drivetrain layouts—either single motor and rear-wheel drive or dual-motor, all-wheel drive.

Six 100W USB-C Ports• Mercedes-Benz The ride is compliant but firmer than you might expect from a vehicle designed to cosset and calm; Mercedes engineers wanted to imbue the EQS with a sportier personality than its S-Class relative and, judging from our non-floaty highway experience, they succeeded.

Upon its debut at dealerships in late 2021, the 2022 EQS from Mercedes-EQ will forever change the perception of electric driving.

The overall balance is excellent, allowing you to generate a good deal of cornering speed before the tires relinquish their grip and the fast-acting stability-control system steps in.

Compare the estimated mpg to the estimated mpg of other vehicles.

It does work with impressive speed, though, thanks to an eight-core processor and 24 gigabytes of RAM.

See dealer for details.

Fans of Tesla or even Porsche may think the interior garish; EQS owners will simply feel fabulous.

From afar, it looks like that melted a bit in the Texas sun.

Distinguishing exterior elements include a black grille, a pair of angular headlamps available with what Mercedes calls Digital Light, which has matrix projectors with 1.

Lows: Aerodynamic virtues aside, exterior is not glamorous.