Jungwon enhypen. ENHYPEN's Jungwon Reveals The Reason Their Group Has No Official Positions

— He used to be a competitive ice skater By that point, it was your turn to climb onto the perforated metal bench, wincing at the cold pressing against your behind
— Ni-ki can play the piano All around, little ones tugged sleeves towards their magnet of choice: one little boy insisting his big brother win him a plushie from the test your strength, another boy and girl begging their moms for churros
His dance movements are elegant and smooth but slightly lack power The program was held from June to September 2020 to find future idol superstars
He is very slim My name is Kylie, but you can call me Kye for short if that's easier I was formerly known as suga
— Specialty: Impressions of dogs and controlling his voice tone Self-Revised Profile Please do respect he time and effort the author put in compiling this profile
— Specialty: Dance [x3] Self-Revised Profile I love himI was just quite woah bc usually Bighit leaders are the second oldest member
— He was a two-time national junior silver medalist who represented South Korea in various international competitions With more groups choosing not to have fixed positions, it seems like ENHYPEN is one of those groups to set a new trend
Every year there was a little plaza of food tables set up around the corner to your left, so you both instinctively drifted that way, stepping in time as you cradled your precious cargo They had to compete with each other for a chance to debut with Enhypen
I underestimated you It was competition, it was the abandon of eating all the delicious food you wanted, it was the feeling of flying on a roller coaster, it was the sound of children laughing and adults right by their sides, casting their maturity aside and just living in the moment
Your heart dropped, picking itself back up quickly, violently — suga
He was extremely hardworking, but it was never about the spotlight Until Jungwon broke it, addressing you between bites
— Sunoo also loves Disney movies, mellow music, scented candles, mood lighting, etc Forbes Interview Maybe it would be short and sweet, embarrassment sweeping across the apples of your cheeks before you could even try
6 — Ni-ki began learning how to dance with genres like Jazz and Ballet Amidst the rows of picnic-style seating, the two of you managed to find a little corner to yourselves, plunking down on the seats for your meal
In the end, your score earned you first-and-foremost bragging rights, which you happily exercised — He was a BigHit trainee, now he is under BE:LIFT
Heeseung: Declined cause he's already the center plus I don't think he ever actually liked being a leader Right when Jungwon stepped through the door, Maeum excitedly greeted him with a wagging tail and tried to jump up his leg! At that, all you could do was mutely nod; as soon as the next group was called Jungwon laced your fingers together again, breaking them apart only when the ride attendant made him
— Hobbies: Taking selfies, listening to music, playing games, and watching movies Self-Revised Profile You could believe him, too… all except for one