Be happy remix. Dixie

This is the first outdoor live performance. 西尾夕香、各務華梨、三村遙佳、志崎樺音 &海原ミチル CV. Special advance lottery application tickets were enclosed in physical copies of , , and. Oh, oh, oh. . First Sheet: , , ,. Oh, oh, oh What's the matter with that? Oh, oh, oh What's the with Bad days, it's okay, let me feel it In some ways, you've got to your to heal it I've got on my shoulder, only gettin' older So I keep to myself Ain't complain, just don't explain it But Sometimes I don't be happy Don't hold it me If I'm down, just me there Let me be sad Sometimes I just be lonely Don't need you to hold me If I'm low, you don't need to care Let me be sad What's the with that? 小岩井ことり 第一ミチル体操 LOVE! 〜Rockin' Playing Game ココロオドル Hey! References [ ]. GROOVY!! 4sk Remix Lynx Eyes Raychell、梅村妃奈子 EZ DO DANCE Love again ALL FRIENDS ALL MEMBER WOW WAR TONIGHT~時には起こせよムーヴメント~.