Corona testzentrum göttingen. CORONA

We would like to point out that the AHA-L rules distance, hygiene, everyday mask, airing are still to be followed - wherever possible Your personal data will of course be collected and processed confidentially according to strict data-protection requirements
This test does not release you from any quarantine or other orders you may have received from the health department Lesen Sie die :• Access to the test station for employees in the UBFT main building and students We apologise for the fact that there is no wheelchair access to the testing sites illustrated above
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Who? Students may need to be tested if teaching courses require it activation is mediated via your dean of studies' office Please note that the testing site for external clinics and institutes in the old dermatology building has limited capacity and may therefore only be used by external clinics and institutes, but not by UBFT main building staff or students
Juli, neben den Schnelltests auch PCR-Tests angeboten In case your account does not offer e-mail access, a registration code will appear
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Bei medizinischen Fragen zur Impfung kontaktieren Sie bitte die Corona-Hotline Tel How do we test you? Warum in der Bar gefeiert wurde, wird ebenfalls weiter untersucht
PCR test only asymptomatic employees, only in the gallery : PCR tests require a throat swab Responsible interaction with your fellow people protects you and others from infection and potentially health-threatening consequences

The maps below will help you locate each testing site.

Please note that these are not antibody tests, as those require a blood sample.

Students should contact their dean of studies' office.

You will be given the opportunity to consent to scientific evaluation measures.

Die Zahl der Infizierten lag zuletzt bei 80 Personen.

Der Test beruht auf der Polymerase-Kettenreaktion polymerase chain reaction, PCR.

Nun gibt es dort ein weiteres Angebot in Sachen Corona-Test.


Nachweis durch PCR- oder Antigen-Test• Schnelle Testresultate, Antigen-Test: 15-30 Minuten, PCR-Test: 24-48h• Thank you.

The result takes much longer, but it is usually available within 24 hours. Dokumenten enthaltenen Links sind NICHT aus dem PATLAN nutzbar. Access is via the stairs directly behind the sliding glass door, continuing from the kiosk towards the east hall. Through this screening procedure, you can play a part in lowering the risk of harming yourself or others by being unwittingly infected with SARS-CoV-2. Es handelt sich um ein Standardverfahren in der Diagnostik von Viren.