Forge bowl 2021. 🥇 2021 Forge Bowl Event ✅

— AND BUY 5 forge points.


To do this, you have to collect the footballs for a long time in the event and then use them all on the day, when the colossus is offered as a daily special.

Attention: The chosen coach is fired after one day.

Gold League The thing to be kept in mind is that the League system is not like the Top Gamester or Casanova in Carnival events , or something like that, which offer rewards to the best player of the neighbourhood.

The interesting daily specials like Colossos, Olympic Treasury or the Terracotta Fields Selection Kit each were offered twice on Beta as daily special.

If the terracotta vineyard is motivated, it is protected from.

All fields came on beta exactly once plus twice the fields selection kit.

This is also possible with the daily special. Gold players: 7 yards• The Terracotta Vineyard and its upgrade kits can only be achieved in 3 ways: mission milestones, league table prizes, and the main one is the grand prize touchdown. These footballs can be obtained in the traditional way; daily missions, daily connection award, incidents and paying diamonds. CANNOT BE ACHIEVED THROUGH DAILY PRIZES. GET 220 goods by trade or production. Leagues There are 5 leagues in this event, in ascending order:• For small and medium players it is very helpful because it allows access to many bonuses in a single event, my city increased 160 forge points just for doing this event!.