Öl ins feuer gießen. Oel ins Feuer giessen

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"; "Wir haben rund 500 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter
Da bin ich mir sicher! I would just like to say the following, without wishing to add fuel to the fire, since a European Parliament urgency procedure requires us to appease a crisis and to seek solutions rather than further inflame people's anger Verschmutzung des Meeres durch [
] of equipment for combating maritime pollution fro m leak s of oil and othe r dangerous substances followin g accidents or dumping; - treatment of industrial waste, decontamination of land-tips, treatment of hospital waste; - recuperation and protection of biotopes and other ec os ystem s in c oasta l areas; - 2 - - impro ve ment in the administration of public bodies responsible for environmental [
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Genauso alt ist der bildliche Vergleich der emotionalen Erregung des Menschen mit Flamme und Glut
Prejudice may fan the flames, but I believe your relationship with Queen Mary is the spark With all that's going on, we can't add fuel to the fire
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