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Seine Fernsehpremiere feierte der Film am 16.

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1950 : Deux pour une d'Erich Kaestner.

: Matteo• Einzelnachweise [ ]• 2003:• 1966: Letha Manasulu in India• English editions [ ]• The girls decide to trade places at the end of the summer so that Lottie will have a chance to get to know her father and Lisa will get to meet her mother.

: Luise Palfy• Translated by Anthea Bell English ed.

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1998: , a 13-episode Australian-British comedy television series• Die Zwillinge Luise und Lotte treffen im Ferienhort am Wolfgangsee nach Jahren zum ersten Mal aufeinander ohne voneinander gewusst zu haben. . 1965: in India• Subsequently, it has been adapted into film many times, most notably 's 1961 movie starring , the subsequent , and their various translations. bei• 1987: Pyaar ke kabil" in India• , 16. : Twice Upon a Time, film britannique de• At the daughters' request, the parents are reunited. April 2017• Contents• Das doppelte Lottchen Streaming vf complet hd. . Es haben insgesamt 2 Besucher eine Bewertung abgegeben. Verfilmung insgesamt des Kinderbuches von. 1980: Mischievous Angels : 개구장이 천사들, : Gaegujangi Cheonsadeul,• The girls' mother calls her former husband in Vienna to tell him what has happened and to find out why Lottie has stopped writing.