Dior b27. Exclusive: How Snapchat AR Ignited Christian Dior’s B27 Launch

It's no secret that streetwear has earned its rightful place as the year's most wearable style; with trading their dress shoes for sneakers, as the more popular footwear style continues to infiltrate the luxury industry.

The challenge in front of luxury brands is to understand augmented reality as a creative canvas, as well as a business tool to reach younger audiences.

The latest covetable release comes in the form of the — a shoe that finds the perfect marriage between luxury and streetwear sensibility.

Expand video menu• Embellished with a multi-material finishing, combining smooth calf leather and nubuck with the Dior Oblique jacquard or the Dior Oblique Galaxy—in perforated leather — Jones' latest creation will undoubtedly garner the attention of fashion aficionado's and street-wear veterans the world over.

Seventy-eight percent are using it at least monthly.

Expand fashion menu• Historically legacy brands and luxury houses have been as skeptical of emerging tech as fashion fads, unwilling to gamble their prestige on fly-by-night trends that may zoom in and right back out.

Interested users could buy the shoes directly from there.

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According to a new report from Thrive Analytics and ARtillery Intelligence, more people are using the tech, and most who do are using it often.