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from the original on 9 November 2020 The Infection Protection Act is a law for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, which, among other things, enables the public health officer to order an autopsy in the case of notifiable infectious diseases
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Bohn MK, Mancini N, Loh TP, Wang CB, Grimmler M, Gramegna M, et al The Korea Heral
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from the original on 15 March 2021 The study expanded during mid-2020 to assess efficacy and safety of BNT162b2 in greater numbers of participants, reaching tens of thousands of people receiving test vaccinations in multiple countries in collaboration with Pfizer and Fosun

It is authorized for use in people aged twelve years and older in some jurisdictions and for people sixteen years and older in other jurisdictions, to provide protection against , caused by infection with the.

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People did not know whether they received the vaccine or the dummy injection. In December 2020, the United Kingdom was the first country to authorize its use on an emergency basis. Retrieved 8 July 2021. in people aged 16 and above was calculated in over 36,000 participants including people over 75 years of age who had no sign of previous infection. Product Information• Retrieved 14 December 2020. The PTO database shows all filings in capital letters, so there is room for additional creativity or distinction with letters in the middle capitalized.