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I just entered a ranked USE server USE378448 and our connection just up and died and it's not coming back. With this mechanic, you can perform musty flicks and occasional fakes while maintaining the ball above your car. Posts about in-game bans are only allowed if they serve a greater purpose. Instead of having to jump around or continuously take shots, focus on taking a good shot that will most likely result in a goal if placed correctly. There could be many reasons, though it seems Rocket League is the only game having issue adding the option. See Rocket League's Code of Conduct. The red connection thing was there for a minute then it's gone but it's still disconnected. As the release of new content increases, so do the reports and problems. We can't even vote to forfeit 'cuz the server needs the votes.
In fact, today there are currently still 52,609 players currently online that are playing Rocket League. That's what players are wondering now. Related Games:. Posts about similar games, posts that are only tangentially linked e. You can also fake a challenge and begin shadow defense, which will oftentimes lead the opponent to shoot quickly or give up ball possession. Developer Psyonix has resolved a series of connectivity issues that were affecting players. Rocket League servers are down tonight over a number of large platforms, leaving gamers unable to play multiplayer matches.