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After that reset, Titan Residuum will work in Season 4 just like it did in Seasons 2 and 3.

If you complete the unlock requirements right now, you will be able to recruit these new races as soon as Patch 8.

If you complete the unlock requirements right now, you will be able to start a questline to unlock these new heritage armor sets as soon as Patch 8.

Approximately 2 procs per minute 75 Corruption Cleansing Corrupted Gear You are able to cleanse a piece of corrupted gear is desired.

Try to get at least and before the new content release! Click the banner below for more information about the Heart of Azeroth updates and how to unlock the new essences available in Visions of N'Zoth.

It is not a permanent system, but will be used through the entirety of patch 8.

You unlock this ability by receiving your first corrupted item and getting the quest Curious Corruption.

Don't forget that the Artifact Power is awarded upon quest completion at the emissaries and not from the Paragon Supplies.

Save 600 or more pet charms to buy these pets for yourself or sell them on the Auction House at the start of the patch for a lot of gold! List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks.

After the patch hits you won't be able to earn most of those achievements, however, you will still be able to earn the title as a new meta achievement will be added to the game.

Click the banners below to see detailed overviews of each race and the quest chains to unlock them after meeting the requirements.

The higher the tier, the stronger the effect, but also the more corruption gained.

Good luck out there as you push for the finish! After the patch goes live, speak with all emissaries to hand in all the quests.

We do not expect that we will be able to retroactively retain the season games played count or win counts that increased during this brief offseason As this rises you will start to receive negative affixes that happen to you in combat
During the time between the bug and the fix, a small number of players advanced to a rating that provides a meaningful reward, and then have not seen that reflected in-game in the resumed Season Use the map after the patch goes live for a chance to get a mission that rewards Artifact Power or Titan Residuum
As we previously noted, a bug on December 31 caused Season 3 to unexpectedly end for Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds Each time it builds, Echoing Void has a chance to collapse, dealing X% of your Health as Shadow damage to all nearby enemies every 1 sec until no stacks remain
Titan Residuum If you have any then make sure to spend it! Each time it builds, Echoing Void has a chance to collapse, dealing 1 Omen of the Dead B Common Enchantment Flash When Omen of the Dead enters the battlefield, return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand
Other Achievements In Patch 8 The shimmer is more noticeable on the eyes that don't glow
In the new patch you'll be able to purchase account bound tokens that grant 250 reputation with and Other achievements that you should consider doing before the upcoming content update are and
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Again, thank you for your patience Cleansing corrupted gear removes all corruption and bonuses, effectively giving you the piece at its base drop without being corrupted
While these achievements are not a requirement for most pugs, having them might help you get accepted into Ny'alotha raid groups and mythic+ keys in Visions of N'Zoth! If you still have when the patch hits, it will be converted to gold at the rate of 1 silver per residuum