Congstar 5g. Alcatel HH71 LinkHub 4G Home Router Review

Among other things, they can be used to view the status of the connection and the connected devices, change the SSID and password and much more.

Mittlerweile haben alle congstar-Tarife kostenlos LTE.

With the latest WiFi 6 technology, enjoy more capacity for connected devices anytime, anywhere.

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The tariff concept in a nutshell: There is only one tariff that can only be booked and managed using the app of the same name.

MMS APN wap Username Blank Passwords Blank MMSC unchanged MMS Proxy unchanged MMS Message Size unchanged MMS UA Prof URL unchanged I hope this article helps you to set APN and MMS in congstar— Germany SIM.

May not be combined with other offers.

In case you are interested it is listed at Koodo is owned by a premium carrier called Telus which is similar to how T-kom owns Congstar.

This value was also achieved in the test, whereby the LTE signal strength also plays a role here.

congstar is one of the most famous SIM companies in Germany.

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In addition, users have the option of switching from the automatic selection of the WLAN channel to manual selection.