Lego colosseum 2020. LEGO® set review: 10276 Colosseum

Because of the tight inner structure of each section, any building mistakes are easy to avoid.

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LEGO COLOSSEUM — THE PACKAGING: While LEGO packaging is usually pretty simple and straightforward, some of the largest and most impressive LEGO sets have equally impressive packaging.

LEGO COLOSSEUM — THE ARCHITECTURE: The LEGO Colosseum is a fantastic example of how real-life architecture can be translated into LEGO.

I built it across 7 days, the fastest I could accomplish with a day job and a toddler.

The set was shipped in a larger box to reduce the risk of damage.

Finally, we get to attach the two half-ovals at the very end of stage 3, which is both satisfying, and offers a first real glimpse at the sheer size that this model will be! LEGO designers did an excellent job with this section making it a truly interesting building experience and conversation piece.

And should you make one, it will be easy to find and correct. It is instantly recognizable and looks beautiful from every angle. Technic beams with two plates separating them are locked tightly in place. The construction began in 72 and was completed within a few years, in 80. Build time: 25 minutes Stages 22-26 From this point onward, we only build one module per bag. The set will launch on 27th November, on Black Friday, as part of the LEGO Stores and LEGO.