Teufel mephisto. German Literature

Mephisto tells her that he has no interest in Hel, but he does not object to their invasion.

Marvel Comics.

Strange and Dr.

Agent Coulson has struck a deal with Mephisto to reshape the world as he sees fit.

Marvel Comics.

After Doctor Strange returned from the Realm Between, he assisted the Midnight Sons and the Avengers in preventing Mephisto from returning to his realm to reclaim his throne.


He was later revealed to be the being to whom had sold his soul to and thus had been cursed to become the Ghost Rider, in a that placed him in the role originally played by Satan. In the arc, Spider-Man made a deal with Mephisto to save his elderly Aunt May, but to do so, he agreed to erase his marriage with Mary Jane from existence. Like in , Mann groups minor characters around his protagonist to tell variations of the themes addressed in the novel. I've watched it with English subtitles, so I assumed that was what I was buying. Arya Ponto August 16, 2007. 21, 2018.