Revitalash serum. FAQ


While every individual is different, many people report noticing more beautiful lashes immediately.

How long does the Double-Ended Volume Set last? Absolutely.


Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, contributes to the production of healthy hair and nails by providing essential ingredients in the process of hair enhancement.

Volume Enhancing Foam improves hair elasticity and aids in conditioning of the scalp too! Signature Eyelash Curler When should I replace the curler pad? It can also be used in conjunction with your daily styling products.

The new sizing allows for less waste and improved hygiene.

I was skeptic at first.

How long does the Volume Enhancing Foam last? The Volumizing Primer and Volumizing Mascara are formulated to work together What is your return policy? Let dry completely before applying additional beauty products
Yes Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5, helps to smooth and strengthen hair
Defining Liner includes a built-in sharpener for your convenience Micellar Water Lash Wash is not formulated for use with waterproof makeup
We were the first, and we continue to be, the leading lash and brow beauty enhancement product line, and we remain the ONLY brand of its kind developed by an Ophthalmologist Yes
Yes Yes
Have you changed the formula on the Volumizing Mascara and Primer, in the Double-Ended Volume Set product? If you have concerns, please consult your service provider The Double-Ended Volume Set formulas do not contain oil so there is no concern with compromising the lash extension glue, however we cannot guarantee that the application and removal of these products will not compromise the lash extensions in other ways
This innovative brand is composed of a concise range of products designed to improve the appearance of your natural hair, making it look fuller and healthier How is this product different from similar products on the market? The increase in size also creates a better size impression on shelf for our retailers
How does the 2 year limited warranty work? For best results please use as directed Those individuals noticing first signs of aging, as well as anyone with dull or dry lashes, brows and skin, or textured skin
I have used other brands and they have made my lashes grow like weeds Will Volume Enhancing Foam weigh my hair down? 0 mL size of the product should last approximately three months