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One common reason is through central banking systems Deflation also encourages rising yields and increases the necessary risk premium on securities
Although these businesses operate with improved production efficiency, their profit margins will eventually drop, as savings from material costs are offset by reduced revenues As horrible as this sounds, it continues to get worse and the cycle can be very difficult to break
Credit can be self-liquidating where the accessed money is used to enhance production in an economy, or it can be non-self-liquidating where the money accessed is used for consumption purposes However, economists suggested government intervention was necessary to break a deflationary spiral
Many people accept as a fact of life Deflation is usually associated with significant , which is only corrected after wages drop considerably
Deflation is dangerous for the economy, and it's connected with era like the Great Depression of the 1930s First of all, as assets such as houses decline in value, customers cannot back their debt with the same collateral
But bonds can perform well during times of deflation Ce phénomène engendre du même coup un cycle baissier pouvant s'avérer particulièrement dangereux pour l'économie

Also, in many economies, spending is often completed on credit.

Following the Great Depression, when monetary deflation coincided with high unemployment and rising , most economists believed deflation was an adverse phenomenon.

How can currency supplies decrease? European Debt Crisis The debt crisis in Europe is causing a number of complications for the global economy.

Deflation may have any of the following impacts on an economy: 1.

On its face, deflation benefits consumers because they can purchase more goods and services with the same nominal income over time.

Reduced Stake in Investments When the economy goes through a series of deflation, investors tend to view as one of their best possible investments.

Expansion of Industrial Revolution During the late 19th century, manufacturers took advantage of new technology that allowed them to increase their productivity.

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Unfortunately, some nations never fully recover from the damage caused by deflation.

Historical Examples of Deflation Although deflation is a rare occurrence in the course of an economy, it is a phenomenon that has occurred a number of times throughout history.

Because of this deflationary spiral, deflation is often associated with and and has been known to cause unemployment.

They can make these cuts by reducing wages and cutting positions.

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The early 1930s was the last time significant deflation was experienced in the United States.

What are your thoughts on deflation? Austerity Measures Deflation can be the result of decreased governmental, business, or consumer spending, which means government spending cuts can lead to periods of significant deflation.

And, whereas inflation may or may not in higher levels of and employment, deflation always results in lower output and employment.

Unfortunately, this means that businesses have to reduce wages and cut their own purchases.

Hong Kong, for example, never recovered from the deflationary effects that gripped the Asian economy in 2002.