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1921 Pfarrkirchen 15. You want to carefully open the back cover of the pocket watch to find the serial number engraved into the movement. 1912 Brandstatt 4. 1944 BAUER Josef Freiling 25. 1944 Stara-Koszary westl. Mozart Airport. Since 1862 Pfarrkirchen can officially call itself a town, and in 1972 it became the capital of the district. 1917 Brombach 1.
The more rare it is, the more valuable it can be. 1944 Russland vermisst WEINMEIER Ignaz Nindorf 21. Waltham: Founded in 1850, the that sought to make mass produced watches when others weren't mass producing them yet. 1918 Stockert 4. Brand name: As with many antiques, pocket watches with manufacturer's known for their quality work or known by name will be more valuable as the demand is higher. Condition: If the watch works properly, it is worth more than a watch that doesn't work. 1915 Ried 7. 1914 Infanterist ZAGLER Ludwig Brombach 9. In general, the more jewels you count, the more valuable the watch.

1944 A.

Places of interest [ ] The town's best known landmark is the "Gartlbergkirche", a for the.

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Andre Frankreich JUNGBAUER Karl Brombach 28.

1902 Hirschbach 20.

Situated 45 miles 72 kilometers outside the downtown area of Pfarrkirchen is W.

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in Shisdra 4km nordw.