Miranda bailey. Miranda Bailey

" Whether showing those cracks or simply cracking fans up, she has proven, season after season, why Grey Sloan Memorial is the house that Bailey built.

" However the next time I see you favoring Meredith Grey in any way, I'll make sure she doesn't see the inside of an OR for a month.

has held her sway.

She told Maggie her mother didn't want to be put on machines.

She wants Meredith to do the same thing.

In Season 3, she succinctly thwarted an attempt by Callie Sara Ramirez to give some TMI details of her sex life with George.

Together, they had two children, and Danielle.

" I feel the same way about Weber most of the time, honestly.

RELATED: For those who haven't noticed, Miranda actually has to stand on a tiny stool when she operates so that she has a better view of what she is doing during the surgery.

everyone has done very bad stuff• She's talking to Dr.

In the end, Callie was removed from the post, and. She was seen to be organizing her tools and washing her hands to calm her anxiety. " When she's talking to Addison Montgomery Kate Walsh in the season three episode "What I Am," Bailey makes a really smart point about standing up for yourself and not letting yourself get too tangled up in romantic endeavors. She's often trying to explain to the interns that they need to toughen up and stop expecting everyone to just hand things to them, and this is the greatest example of one of her life lessons. She's trying to be scary and, well, it works. "" At the wedding, after Miranda left, the guests were served food while they waited. "There was no thought in my mind, standing there in that moment, that I would still be playing that same character 11 years later," Wilson, who took a leave of absence from to film the Grey's pilot, told Cosmopolitan in late 2015. She also did her best to save Charles, who had been shot and would have hopefully saved his life had the hospital not gone into total lockdown. gif, etc.