Fifa 21 icon swaps 3. Yi Liu

Assist with a Through Ball in 6 separate matches using Serie A players in the Live FUT Friendly: One League, with at least 8 First Owned Serie A players in your starting squad Icon Swaps La Liga• What Is FIFA 21 Icon Swaps 3? Object.

ICON Swaps Objectives As we've already mentioned, there are three tokens up for grabs so far.

In short, this is how Icon Swaps work:• load.

You can complete all the various challenges during the weeks to get the Icon Swaps and exchange them for Icon cards of your interest.


The odds to pack these players are quite high, the same odds that you can find in the! While Stoichkov, Best and Puskas are formidable attackers that add strength to any team.

Rio Ferdinand: Exchange 15 Icon Swaps III Items to earn an Icon Moments Rio Ferdinand• Selecao - Win 7 Squad Battles matches on minimum World Class difficulty with 11 Brazil players in your starting squad• reliableDOMContentLoaded.