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It is not built for this At the end, I would like to recommend to buy x11
Besides, it is really strong and does not crack like a wooden handle New optimal anti-shock 3D surface and hooked end of the handle ensures a comfortable, firm grip preventing the axe from slipping out of the hand• Pick your size according to the task at hand
And for those demolition projects, the heavy head of a is the best candidate for the job Included sheath helps protect blade and the user• 25 cm 3
Rounding out our wood cutting tools are machetes and billhooks — powerful, versatile, clearing tools ideal for various yard tasks ranging from clearing large areas of brush to powering through fibrous palms, to trimming shoots and stems, sawing branches, cutting vines, removing suckers and more To be honest, I chuckled the whole way through
This feature is for them The weight of the head is 580 grams and the cutting edge is 6