Sos eisberg. SOS Eisberg

A total of 38 men and women, three polar bears and two sea lions of the Hagenbeck circus making up the crew of the S. The German copy is incoherent with our hero stumbling round on the ice flows for what appears to be weeks, getting help, but there are some quite amazing passages - harpooning the real polar bear who understandably takes a dim view of that or the actors swimming in with the genuine ice flows, an ice berg turning over, Ernst Udet's flying footage and rescue by kayak. . Scenes reflect state of the art of that time and are in typical stacato style, very loosly connected episodes. Nachladen : 9842. Once she gets there she really has nothing to do except wait in a cave or strike the odd forlorn pose against the scenery, but unlike The White Hell of Pitz Palu the characters here are at least actively trying to save themselves rather than just waiting to be rescued, and the lengthy scenes of them jumping across the pack ice are often breathtaking, with one sequence where Sepp Rist finds himself stuck on a small crop of rock as a storm brews up around him especially impressive. Fanck Greenland Expedition. Movie Original title SOS iceberg Country of production original language Publishing year length 103 minutes for , occupation• as Dr. Lorenz has survived!.

By far the greatest catastrophe that had ever happened in a film.

Ernst Udet, a great former German ace in the First World War, in a cameo performance, flew in both versions.

Leni hardly speaks in both films and in the English version her voice seems dubbed by someone else as well as as her German counterparts.

Pendo, Stephen.

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, 1984. Fascinating to see him here. Commanded by the aviator ace, they come to the aid of the wreckers with their kayaks and bring them back to the mainland. Retrieved: July 23, 2019. Some actors were bilingual while others spoke their lines phonetically, sometimes with harsh accents. .