Deliciou bacon. Bacon seasoning inventor earns 'half a million in a month'

I have ordered too many times to count and I still get excited whenever it's time to reorder. 0 g 2. 0 g 0. Vegan• 9 g Carbohydrate 0. 6 g Fat Total 0. ' Deliciou is 'one of the fastest growing startups in Australia,' said founder Kjetil Hansen According to , Mr Banks thought it was 'funny' that a Norwegian-born, Melbourne-based man is so obsessed with bacon. . .
0 g 1. MORE DON'T MISS• 1 g 11. They are vegan, GMO free, contains no nitrates and are gluten free. 'I went to the supermarket looking for a seasoning to put on food and found things like Moroccan lamb and chicken salt - but there was nothing that tasted like bacon,' the Deliciou founder told Daily Mail Australia. Gluten Free• It's out of this world!!!! 7 g Sodium 71. THE Best. 2 mg 7120 mg• 'Today we are one of the fastest growing startups in Australia with month-on-month growth of over 50 per cent,' he said. 06 Cal 306 Cal Protein 0.