Alnatura porridge. Alnatura Porridge Basis

The name PUR is the program here and so the baby porridge gets along completely without aroma-giving ingredients.

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Many thanks No info on instant alternatives but my kid will gobble down anything with enough salt and sugar, so I boil oats for 8 min in water takes me up to same amount of time to scrape off the pot later with a tiny but of salt then put milk on it and she loves it with maple syrup.

The declaration was better than with Hipp and also the packaging was rated a little better.

We tend to order about twice a month and never had any problems I have added the link below for anyone who is interested.

Alnatura offers a range of other grain-porridges, including a multi-grain one, some that already include the milk just add hot water , and so-on.

The right kitchen utensils will help you: a good blender, e.