Sims 4 cheat codes. Best Cheat Codes

With the release of this game, it has broken all sales record and emerged one of the highest sales garnered life simulation games. Ok turn your Sims into a vampire and get the chance to power point and max out the skills. Apart from this, all the other things are the same. Cheat Code Result testingcheats true Enables Cheat stats. Sometimes you get friendly, romantic or mean to other people.

After this, your friendship will progress slowly.

Any time you see a loading screen, you will have to enter testingcheats true once again before enabling any cheats.

Though the Sims themselves are created smart now, you also need to control them accordingly their environments.

Effect Code Max out Pet Training Skill 1-5 stats.

Note if combustion is still active, your sim could re-combust.