Elysium film. Elysium (film)

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The accent is particular to the Cape Flats region of South Africa.

Agent Kruger, played by South African actor Sharlto Copley, is a member of the CCB who works as a Sleeper Agent for the Elysium Defense Forces.

In his quest to become the hero who can restore the balance between the rich and the poor, however, Max must first do battle with Elysium's hawkish Secretary of Defense Delacourt Jodie Foster , who has devoted her entire career to maintaining that division, and whose key enforcer Kruger Sharlto Copley is notorious for his brutal tactics in driving out illegals.

Kruger also does this during his siege on Max and his allies, flipping it as he flips a car with an explosive.

And Med-Pods are, for all intents and purposes, magical devices.

As Kruger's ship leaves Earth, Spider and his men take advantage of the lifting of the lockdown and head towards Elysium.

Fleming, Mike.

Delacourt, who has told President Patel that because the intruders have committed an act of war and that she was now in charge, wants the data extracted from Max's head, which her expert tells her will kill Max.

a return! Each round packs the explosive power of a modern 40mm grenade round in a smaller package.

I love it so much, I almost want to go back and do it correctly.

Spider and two of his men get on their own shuttle and take off for Elysium.

Kruger invites Max on board the shuttle, where Max is surprised to see Frey and Matilda.

: Kruger and his henchmen Drake and Crowe.

Max holds a grudge against them, especially since they end up breaking his left arm when he was resisting their attempts to find out what was in the bag he was carrying an extra work uniform, a water bottle, and what appears to be a thermos.