Morning coat. Morning coat? Crossword Clue

" Another lapel option which is really never seen nowadays, and which is very much a hangover from the days of the frock coat, is the slightly fancy addition of silk facings A Gentleman's Wardrobe: Classic Clothes and the Modern Man
Old photographs will lead you to believe that this was a common feature of morning coats, but in several years of searching ebay and rumaging through literally hundreds of morning coats in vintage clothing shops, we have seen hardly any in the flesh A bolero, shrug, or pashmina may otherwise be worn
Amies, Hardy 2013 It is also usually worn in traditional weddings and political formal events, although the was the last use for that ceremony
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However, hats remain compulsory in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot It is occasionally worn by the British working class constituting the majority of the population for only the wedding party to wear morning 'suits'
Mayfair, London: Debrett's Limited New York: HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Daytime shoes, such as wedges, should be worn rather than very high heels or evening-style shoes and ought to be comfortable enough to wear for several hours The characteristic angle of the cutaway front of the skirt is clearly visible, as is the waist seam
Retrieved 17 October 2018 Livery Companies of the City of London
back• This helps to counterbalance the potential for affectations Elsie Burch Donald 1981
Neck wear [ ] Previously, a grey or if at a funeral a black was obligatory Consequently, Debrett's and the late consider the wing collar and ascot to be inappropriate for weddings or morning dress, reserving wing collars for
back• suspenders in American English may be worn to prevent the waistband from appearing beneath the waistcoat if required In either case, Debrett's advise against wearing backless waistcoats because they do not look as smart as real ones
Storm's coming up Eddie, you'd better get home quick 195
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If the trouser cloth matches the coat, the ensemble becomes a morning suit It also exists as at some of United Kingdom's most traditional schools, such as on Sundays and
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